What Makes Sharesson Different From Other Marketplaces?

Sharesson is a niche peer-to-peer online resale marketplace of preowned and new quality outdoor products for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts.


Yes, there are other marketplaces and online shops for preowned and secondhand products. 


Selling secondhand and buying preloved products has become increasingly popular. People understand the environmental damage that newly produced goods have on our planet, and therefore want to keep products circulating, and in use for longer. This also helps people save a buck or make a buck on the way. 


You might be thinking: What makes Sharesson different from other marketplaces and why should you use it instead of the other ones?


Here are 10 reasons:


It’s international!

Many other marketplaces are local or focused on one country only. Sharesson is a global platform. You can sell or buy outdoor products from people all around the world. You might be looking for a particular type of product or you want to access the products where you travel. It’s your choice.


Rent, before you buy

You can rent products and make sure you really like them before you actually buy them. As a seller, you might want to rent out your gear instead of selling it – it’s totally up to you. You might like your tent and you’d feel happy if someone enjoyed it too. As a seller, you chose if you want to sell your gear, rent your gear or do both. 


Safe and secure payments

We keep seeing the same comments on multiple other marketplaces – “it’s not safe” and “there’s fraud going on”.  This was, from the start, extremely important for us. We want you to feel safe and secure when using the Sharesson platform. We want our community of outdoor enthusiasts to trust us. Your safety is our nr one priority!


Rent an outdoor buddy

Yes, you read that right! You can rent yourself out as a hiking buddy, or bike buddy, or personal trainer, or guide, or outdoor chef, or camping expert… if you have expertise in the outdoor area that you think someone could benefit from, you can offer your services and someone can book you. 


Use our apps – iOS and Android.

Download the app and easily register, upload and list your products. Follow fellow Sharessons, get notified when new products are listed, and feel part of our tribe. The apps are created to make your experience here at Sharesson as easy, smooth, and pleasant as possible.


Use the map search

The map search feature is fantastic if you are traveling and want to go to a specific location. or if you want to search for gear near your house. Or you can see if a bike buddy is available for a specific day. The map function is there to help you find what you are looking for, in the area of your choice.


Take advantage of the Rate & Review system. 

This helps you be a better, more trusted seller and when buying a product, it helps you pick a trusted seller or a product. The rate & review system keeps you safe and helps you make better choices from whom to buy from and to gain more trust as a seller. 


Keep outdoor products in the outdoors

Sharesson helps save tons of fantastic, perfectly fine outdoor products, not only from individuals but from the entire outdoor industry. Retailers, brands, agents, distributors, sales reps, manufacturers all have returns, repairs, samples, stock, or clearance products that they can’t sell on the traditional sites. These perfectly fine outdoor products are added to the site to keep them in use, instead of ending up in landfills or being incinerated. 


Social Network

You can follow and communicate with other Sharessons on the online platform and apps. Join the outdoor community to find friends all over the world, share experiences, and get inspired to get outside. 


Niche site and community

Sharesson is an outdoor community – that’s it! There’s plenty of other marketplaces for furniture, fashion, toys, cars, etc. On Sharesson you will not find any other products or services that don’t have anything to do with the outdoors.

Our global community has one thing in common – the outdoor. No matter their background, gender, age, size, beliefs, etc. We’re enjoying the outdoors and sharing outdoor experiences together!

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