Sharesson Launches The Social Re-commerce Marketplace For A Circular Outdoor Industry

Sharesson is a global social re-commerce marketplace of preowned and new quality outdoor products for environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiasts. The online marketplace, including iOS and Android apps, allows individuals, brands, retailers, distributors, agents, sales reps, and manufacturers to repurpose preloved, returned, repaired/recycled, samples, and stock of perfectly fine outdoor gear. It’s a place where you can: make money, save money, be inspired to get outside, and find your tribe of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.


Up to 79 % of our wardrobes are rarely or never worn. 87 % of all clothes sold in the EU are incinerated or landfilled. The clothing and footwear industry accounts for up to 10 % of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Doubling the life of clothes has the potential to reduce climate impact by almost 50%. An increase of 10% in second-hand clothing sales could deliver environmental benefits, cutting carbon emissions per tonne of clothing by 3% and water use by 4%. Our playgrounds – the outdoors, are at risk from global warming. Flooding, storms, drought, melting glaciers, fires, and other extreme-weather-phenomena connected to global warming threaten our planet. If we don’t act now, we soon won’t have any playgrounds left.


Sharesson is here to help cancel the throwaway culture, preserve our playgrounds and help people make an extra buck on the way. 


”Our mission is to help save our planet, one outdoor product at a time, by keeping great gear in use for longer, instead of it ending up in landfill. The circular model is about buying smarter and keeping the products in circulation for as long as possible. Also by giving outdoor enthusiasts a sustainable option to affordable outdoor gear, we are helping people get outside, enjoying nature, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.”

– Ana Kristiansson, co-founder Sharesson.


Doing outdoor activities can be costly. It’s all the gear; the clothing, the backpacks, the shoes, the tents, the skis, the surfboards, and on and on. Accessing the outdoors should not be connected to money or economic status. Nature and access to the outdoors is a human right. EVERYBODY should be able to access the outdoors and do different activities without it costing a fortune. This is what Sharesson is about as well. Giving people affordable choices to get outside!

Our business is built to answer the many challenges people face today. Mental and physical health and taking care of our home planet. We want to place circularity at the heart of the outdoor industry and also the consumer mindset as an answer to the throwaway culture and overconsumption.

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